C&O/B&O Cabooses, Display and Private Owner Cars, volume IV


C&O/B&O Cabooses, Display and Private Owner Cars, volume IV, continues the coverage of cabooses from the previous three volumes. In sum, over 600 cabooses in private ownership have been covered in all volumes providing historical documentation of these cars. In addition to the standard coverage of many different classes of C&O and B&O cabooses, the book includes special sections on how to identify a caboose's history if the car number is not readily available, the moving of three different cabooses and other sections covering private owners who acquired groups of cabooses. One section covers the derailment of a private owner car on the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway. Another section shows how to read an ACI plate. The book contains nearly 200 photos including full color front and rear covers. These books are great companions to Steel Cabooses of the Chesapeake & Ohio, 1937 - 2010.

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