Lapel Pins

Lapel Pin, Chessie Colorfill
Lapel Pin, Chessie Colorfill Chessie in full color on lapel pin 1"X 1/2" beautiful
Lapel Pin, Chessie Colorfill $6.95
Lapel Pin, George Washington
George Washington Lapel Pin Very elegant just like the George Washington Passenger Train!  
Lapel Pin, George Washington $6.95
Lapel Pin, Reproduction 1940s Streamlined Hudson
Reproduction 1940s Streamlined Hudson  Replica hostess pin The Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society has again collaborated with digital...
Lapel Pin, Reproduction 1940s Streamlined Hudson $9.99
Pin, Lapel, 614
614 Steam Engine Number plate lapel pin. Makes a great edition to any cap, tie or tote.  
Pin, Lapel, 614 $6.95
Pin, Lapel, C&O
C&O For Progress Lapel Pin. Great piece that adds that special look to your Tie, Jacket,Cap, tote etc.
Pin, Lapel, C&O $6.95
Pin, Lapel, C&O E8 locomotive
C&O E8 Locomotive Lapel Pin High quality lapel pin. 
Pin, Lapel, C&O E8 locomotive $6.95
Pin, Lapel, Chessie Heart
Nice heart shape lapel pin featuring our beloved Chessie. Makes A great gift!
Pin, Lapel, Chessie Heart $6.95
Pin, Lapel, Lima Locomotive
Lima locomotive lapel pin. Makes a great gift or accessory.  
Pin, Lapel, Lima Locomotive $6.95
Pin, Railroad Crossing Signal
Railroad crossing signal lapel pin. This awesome pin looks great on any railroad hat, vest or jacket.
Pin, Railroad Crossing Signal $6.95
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