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Special Deal! If you want all three calendars for this year, you may buy them at a special price of $25.00 for the set. Remember, many people buy these simply for the wonderful illustrations, let alone their use for a calendar.

Chesapeake & Ohio 2023 Steam Calendar

This calendar features - 13 great images of C&O coal trains powered by the late-era steam locomotives of any types: H-8, H-4,5,6, H-7, G-9, T-1, K-2,3,3a. We have selected sharp action photos showing these trains at various locations from Ohio to Virginia in typical heavy coal train service.

– Even if you don’t use the calendar, these are some GREAT farmable photos!!

Chessie 2023 Calendar - The Many Facets of Chessie

This is the 89th Chessie calendar since The Chesapeake & Ohio Railway began issuing them for the year 1934.

The illustrations you will see on the pages of this calendar are taken from C&O advertisements that were used in the past. In many ways the 1930s was really the golden era of Chessie.  She was new and wildly popular with the traveling public -- indeed with everyone. In 1933 she burst on the scene with unexpected vigor, surprising even the C&O, which promptly hired an advertising agency of national importance to promote her. The images are all from original ads in the C&O Historical Society advertising collection. The images selected for this calendar will show the many roles that Chessie played in the C&O's advertising campaigns.

"The Many Facets of Chessie"

C&O Through the New River Gorge 2023 Calendar

The Chesapeake & Ohio Railway’s completion of their great east-west connection at Hawks Nest in 1873 set in motion a history of infinite depth that, in this century, is still a subject studied at great lengths. Briefly captured with these images, and in past writings, we have framed the Chesapeake & Ohio in the New River Gorge as the machine in the garden. The railroad brought people into this part of the country who would have never otherwise witnessed the towering walls of the gorge, caught glimpses of its hidden waterfalls, gazed up at its stone cliffs, or heard its rushing waters.

Before the C&O clawed out the right of way along the New River and through the Appalachian Mountains, a person from Cincinnati or New York would have little reason (or option) to see the New River Gorge in this life. What wonder must have filled the minds of those who came into the mountains for the first time aboard the earliest of trains. Continuing toward 2023, what of that wonder remains in a passenger who, having boarded Amtrak’s Cardinal in Chicago or Manhattan, looks out a window at the turbulence of the waters in our ancient canyon, or looks up its steep cliffs at the same stone formations seen by the first visitors over rail 150 years before?

While unknown is the number of people who have taken with them a piece of this experience, what is more known to us are the captains of the rails who have existed within, as the poet said, the intersection of the timeless moment. From the Chesapeake & Ohio’s original cut completed through the wilderness in 1873 to the present day, this journey of exploration has not ceased thanks to a long history of individuals who continue to bring the traveling public through this region that is still most accessible by train.

Large 12x12 size with bold dates

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