DVD: Military Trains

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Military Trains consists of 2 World War two era films and some miscellaneous other footage. 
"Troop Train" is the first film, a black and white sound film showing the creation of a special train. 
"Hospital Train" is a color film depicting the care wounded soldiers got and transfer from Hospital Ships to 
hospital trains to get them home. You will see some steam power in both films, and some neat scenes inside 
the trains, with soldiers and so forth. We suspect the Troop Train film was made in early 1942 and was likely 
being sent to the Pacific theater, perhaps Australia. In Hospital Train, you will see a Hospital Ship arrive at what 
looks to be a west coast port, and the train appears to be either Southern Pacific or Santa Fe. Both of these 
films were made by the Military in the 1940's. In addition to these two military films, we have included a few trains 
shot by Greg Scholl including a neat German tank train shot in 1974, plus some other odd diesel shots in more 
modern times. We wrap it up with a contributors shot of a BNSF tank train in California shot in 2006. 
This train has tons of Abrams style tanks and even has a pusher on the rear. This was hot near Caliente, California.

Approximately 52 Minutes plus previews

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