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King Coal by Stan Cohen

A Pictorial Heritage of West Virginia Coal Mining by Stan Cohen. King Coal is a well-illustrated overview of coal mining in the Mountain State. This book discusses and illustrates the basics of mining methods and operations, the geology of the state, life in a coal town, the unrest in the coalfields and more. King Coal describes the living conditions of the miners, and some of the state’s worst mining disasters. You’ll meet some of the more colorful and fabled characters of the industry, including Albert Sid, Hatfield, Mary Harris Mother  Jones, and former UMWA president William Blizzard.

This book has been sold by the C&OHS since its first printing in 1984. It has been available off-and-on since then, but now is again ready to ship in the latest edition.

The 150-page book mainly consists of photos of coal mining in West Virginia. Included are old and rare images not only of mines and tipples, but the company houses, towns, and stores. Descriptions of coal mine processes are also included. This covers areas all over West Virginia and is a good “basic” work on the mines in the high era of coal mining and transportation 1890-1960.

Softbound 250+ illustrations. A “standard work.”


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