Santa Fe Streamlined Observation Cars

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Santa Fe Streamlined Observation Cars
by Jonathan J. Boyle, Jr.

This short book traces the AT&SF's observation cars from start to finish with details and great illustrations of the cars inside and out. - Santa Fe was justifiably famous for its superb passenger trains when the observation car was the most important part of each. Here the great western scenery could be observed from a lounge environment. These cars were the premier element of the fleet.
Author Jonathan Boyle has researched these cars extensively and gives an interesting recapitulation of their use on all the Santa Fe trains.
Really a nice piece for any passenger train buff.  I good tribute to the best cars on some of the best trains ever operated in America.


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76-pages, 100-lb coated paper

120+ photos, including half in color

Diagrams and equipment detail drawings

Published 2004  - Out of print for over 10 years!

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