Missouri Pacific Lines Freight Train Services and Equipment

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Missouri Pacific Lines Freight Train Service and Equipment
By Patrick C. Dorin

Hardbound; 144 pages, 100-lb glossy paper; 250+ illustrations.

Originally published in 2001, author Pat Dorin uses a great group of photos along with official equipment rosters to tell the story of Missouri Pacific’s freight equipment. Virtually every type of car is illustrated and described in detail along with how the freight service was carried out. Basically, the information is from the post-WWII era into modern times.

All of MoPac’s specialty cars are treated as well as the usual box cars, etc. Types of service are treated including one not often covered: transportation of livestock. 

Dorin’s usual concise text comprises the introduction, but the bulk of the book consists of photos and extended captions that illustrate and explain how each type of car was built and used.

This is a good overview of MoPac’s freight operations, but most especially it’s equipment

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