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As a member you'll get a subscription to the C&O Historical Magazine which talks about railroad history, modeling, steam and diesel locomotives, and passenger and freight cars and operations. The Society also publishes books, the world famous Chessie Calendar, and offers exclusive merchandise. Discounts are given to members on many items. Flyers appear frequently announcing new items of interest.


Selecting Automatic Renewal will insure your membership is renewed automatically each year so you never miss an issue of your Magazine.

Explanation of Member types:

  • One Year Regular Membership
  • One Year Supporting Membership – Same as Regular Membership, except the dollar amount over the cost of Membership is applied as a tax deductible donation towards support of the C&O Historical Society.
  • One Year Family Membership – Same as Regular Membership, plus includes free admission to the C&O Railway Heritage Center for All Immediate Family Members!
  • New Members also receive FOUR FREE  RAILROAD BOOKS

The Magazine Delivery option determines how your monthly magazine will be sent to you. Our USA 3rd Class customers seem to average a 5-7 day delay compared to our USA 1st Class customers. Notice that non-USA addresses require that you select the correct option.

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