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Quinnimont Express Building, HO

  • Model: MD-11-617


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Quinnimont WV Passenger Station and Express Office.

This product is the Express Building Only. The Station will be sold Separately.

For the first time complementary buildings for the long popular QN Cabin. The passenger station was of the standard 1893 design but had a “T” extension to the back. The express business at this point was so large that an unusual separate structure was employed with a unique covered porch.

These are excellent structures emblematic of Quinnimont or any C&O local of the 1920-1960 era.

This kit features peel & stick battens, removable roof, Grandt Line Baggage Wagon, fire barrel, and boxes and mail bags. The foundation is designed to put the building and concrete pad at the correct height to match track on standard roadbed and to correspond to the sloping ground behind the prototype. Thanks to the GVMRRC for their hand in the creating of this structure.


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