Boxcar, PS-1 50' Single Door boxcar with cushion underframe

  • Model: MD-15-764


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C&O 70-ton, plug-door boxcars 22450-22549, HO Scale  by Intermountain
C&O 70-ton, plug-door boxcar from series 22450-22549, built by Pullman Standard in 1962. These cars had a capacity of 4,228 cu. ft. and a load limit of 147,600 pounds and average lightweight of 72,400 pounds. These 100 cars were built in 1962, and remained in service into the 1990s. For color view of these cars, go to and search for COHS 21633 and 21634. See page 40-F in DS-7-049, 1969 Freight Car Diagram Book. These cars had a striking appearance with their enchantment blue body and bright federal yellow door and lettering. Six roadnumbers available.


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