Boxcar, Standard 40' AAR, brown, HO Scale by Accurail

  • Model: MD-19-840

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C&O Historical Society Commemorative Model Box Car - HO Scale by Accurail

Standard 40' AAR, Painted brown Box car Numbered 1969

The C&OHS created an old style and a new style car with the C&O Historical Society lettering to mark our 50th year! These were debuted at the C&OHS annual Conference, but we can offer them to anyone who would like them for a limited time. Order soon! Limited! 

Included in this special run is also a 50' Insulated Boxcar - Painted Blue with Yellow Door Numbered 2019 “Preserving C&O History for 50 Years" by Accurail HO Scale This car is an newer car and has the number "2019."  The lettering is as though it were from the steam era. 

See 50’ Insulated Box Car MD-19-841


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