George Washington heavyweight (7-car Set) 2ND RUN

  • Model: MD-20-867


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N-scale 7-Car George Washington Car Set - a C&OHS Exclusive, 2ND RUN PRE-ORDER NOW!

Chesapeake & Ohio's The George Washington - The Most Wonderful Train in the World! The George Washington was the premier passenger train of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway upon its 1932 inauguration and one of the first with all air-conditioned cars. Equipped with heavyweight Pullmans, coaches and diners The George was the epitome of elegance and grace.

Now N-scale modellers can run the George Washington from the post-war era (late 1940s - early 1950s) on their railroad! Produced exclusively for the C&O HS by Micro-Trains Line, these cars have the prototype colors and lettering for the George Washington and are available nowhere else. A specially prepared booklet on the C&O’s renowned George Washington train is included. Order today to make sure you don't miss out on these. Delivery is expected in October 2020. 

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70’ Heavyweight mail baggage car
70’ Heavyweight baggage car
78’ Heavyweight paired-window coach, #725
83’ 10-1-2 Heavyweight sleeper, Jack Jouett
83’ 12-1 Heavyweight sleeper, Marquis Lafayette 
80’ Heavyweight diner, Gadsby’s Tavern
83’ 3-2 Heavyweight observation, American Revolution
(NOTE: Locomotive is not included in the set.)


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