Heavyweight 3 door Horse express Car, C&O, Tri-Color, #212

  • Model: MD-21-874


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Horse Express Car No. 212

C&O had a good traffic in thoroughbred horses being shipped via Railway Express and had a number of cars because of its service through Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky. Nos. 210-212 were rebuilt from more of those old Pullman Parlor cars which C&O purchased secondhand. The model is of No. 212, originally built in 1913 and rebuilt by C&O shops in 1941. C&O already had nine horse express cars, built in 1937.

When not hauling high-class, high-value horses, these six-door cars were used in regular express service. The express messengers loved them because the extra doors allowed them to arrange their packages for better offloading. If you look at post-1950 C&O passenger trains you are very likely to see one of these cars, and they were used almost to the end of service. A really nice and somewhat unusual car for your head-end business. This 70’ heavyweight horse car runs on 6-wheel passenger car trucks and is equipped with MTL’s standard N-scale knuckle couplers.

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