Heavyweight Coach #604, C&O, Tri-Color, N-Scale

  • Model: MD-21-875


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Paired-Window Coach No. 604

Built originally as a Pullman parlor car in 1913, it was purchased by C&O and converted to a high capacity (84 seats) car in July, 1941, just in time to help handle the World War II glut of traffic. It was one of 28 such cars. After the war many of these cars were retained for use in special trains (football and baseball specials, High School excursions, etc.) as well as overflow of traffic on regularly scheduled trains. During the period after 1950 they received a make-over and got the new tri-color paint scheme to match the lightweight cars. These are ideal for the 1950s era trains both in steam (until late 1951- early 1952) and diesel power. A great car with a great story. This 78’ heavyweight paired-window coach car runs on 6-wheel passenger trucks and is equipped with MTL’s standard N-scale knuckle couplers.

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