Heavyweight Baggage Car, C&O, #307 Tri-Color, N-Scale

  • Model: MD-21-873


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Four-Door Harriman Roof Baggage Car No. 307 by Micro Trains

This model is of one of 17 express cars built by Pullman in 1929 for C&O, and it was in use until the end of service, painted the tri-color scheme after 1950, and lettered BAGGAGE. Excellent for any of the post-1950 trains up to the end.

These cars were built as express cars, however, C&O did not use any full cars marked for baggage until 1950. At that time, some of the express car fleet was painted and lettered for baggage, while other cars were lettered for storage mail.

This is an ideal head-end car to match any consist in the last 20 years of service. They had what is often called a “Harriman” roof, though the technical name is “turtle back.” This 70’ heavyweight baggage car is runs on 6-wheel passenger car trucks and is equipped with MTL’s standard N-scale knuckle couplers.

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