Print, Ross Rowland's 614 HI-Tech Steam

  • Model: SV-18


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22"x16" Color Print Showing ACE 3000 and C&O 614-T

Remember 1985 when Ross Rowland proposed the ACE 3000 which was to use steam technology to replace diesels on American Railroads?  To demonstrate the feasibility for this he fitted out C&O 4-8-4 No. 614 with sensors to record all types of data much as dynamometer cars used to do, and ran it on Chessie System/CSX freight trains between Hinton and Huntington that winter. This print shows the artist’s concept of what the ACE 3000 would have been like, running alongside 614 thundering out of a tunnel during that memorable experiment.  Each print is signed by Rowland and numbered.  These are the last remaining from a limited run of 1,000.

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