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Breakfast Set, Chessie's Gift

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Chessie Children's Breakfast Set

Chessie Children's Breakfast Set

This set of china was prepared for the B&O Museum gift shop, then called "Nostalgia Station." The set was produced by Wanamaker's Department Store by Wanamere China in 1985. Overages of the item were warehoused after the department store closed and B&O Museum gift shop was taken over by the museum staff.  
Each of the three pieces has a different Chessie Calendar image taken directly from old calendars:

Plate - An 8-inch plate with decorative border of a kitten playing with a train set. The center features "Chessie's Gift" taken from the 1958 calendar. This was the last original Chessie art in the old style prepared especially for a calendar. 

Cereal/Fruit Bowl - This 7-inch bowl carries the same kitten/train border but has the classic Chessie image in its center. 

Cup - The cup still carries over the kitten/train motif, but uses the ". . . And don't forget Chessie" art from the 1935 calendar. In this scene a little girl is saying prayers before retiring to one of C&O's sleeping car berths in which we see Chessie, already comfortable sleeping. The mother is telling her to include Chessie. The toy duckling adds to the nostalgia of this piece.

Set of three pieces originally sold for $29.95, but we can offer these last sets for $19.95 while they last. They were given us by the son of the producer as a donation toward our work.
This set has certainly been a wonderful set, enjoyed by many over the years since 1985. Buying this is another way you and Chessie can help us perpetuate her story.

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