Valuation Maps, Riavanna Subdivision

  • Model: AV-14-170


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The Riavanna Subdivison valuation map CD or digital Download

The valuation map originals are about 24x56 inches each, and they cover from a mile (for terminals, etc.) to several miles (mainlines), and show all tracks, sidings, locations of railroad owned buildings, road crossings, towers, etc. They are a superb source for historical and operational data, and modelers should love them as sources for layout design. Each CD or download has all these large maps digitized so they will appear on your screen in high resolution up to 400% magnification, making them highly useable. It is fully indexed so you may search by station, milepost or other salient feature. Ideal for historians and modelers alike.

The Riavanna Subdivision valuation map CD or download has a total of 99 maps.





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