C&O Freight Train Handling 1961 (Canadian Lines)

  • Model: DS-03-275


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This 61 page booklet, pocket sized originally, was intended to assist engineers in handling freight trains and includes data on brakes, systems, steam generators, roller bearings, locomotive tools. Speedometers, safety and fire protection, starting dead diesel units, hot journals; handling flat cars, dump cars, scale test cars, clearance car, wood rack cars, camp cars; use of hand signals, defective and damaged equipment, and repairs on cars from other railroads.

Also covered: how to use locomotive dynamic brakes, slowdowns, slack control wheel slip, engine isolation, clearance, flat spots on wheels, stopping in tunnels and closed places, unattended engines, movements I engine terminals, and more.

The booklet was issued in 1961 and indicated as being for Canadian Division operation, but its provisions would have been nearly the same system-wide. Reprinted on 61 pages of 8.5 x 11 paper.
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