C&O Class T-1 Steam Locomotives

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C&O Class T-1 Steam Locomotives

This booklet tells the story of C&O's first Superpower locomotive and how it revolutionized the railway's thinking about its motive power. These giant locomotives were able to haul 14,000-ton coal trains from Russell, Ky. to the Great Lakes shipping at Toledo, and were used almost exclusively for this traffic 1930-1952.  A few were used for coal traffic between Richmond and Newport News, Va. in the last years of their service, 1950-52. Often called the "quintessential Superpower engine" they set the tone for C&O's motive power development for the following 15 years, probably the pinnacle of steam locomotive design in America. - Drawings, photos, and extensive data give the full story of the mechanical design, but also a great deal of material also tells how these wonderful engines were used. Softbound, 32 pages on C&O's biggest non-articulated Superpower locomotive.

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