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C&O/B&O in Color by Bob Withers

As the merger scene in the eastern United States heated up in the early 1960s with Erie Lackawanna, N&W-NKP-Wabash, and talk of Penn Central, a union of a different type occurred between the Chesapeake & Ohio and the Baltimore & Ohio.  While not yet a true “merger” for several reasons, the affiliation was dubbed “C&O/B&O” and was quite visible during the 1960s on timetables, advertisements, corporate reports, and especially trackside where C&O and B&O locomotives began mixing it up, especially on the B&O.

Hard Cover 128 Pages


This book has been reviewed at the C&OHS headquarters.  This is certainly a book that every C&O fan will want.  This transition known as C&O/B&O Railroads, was of such variety that it is startling, and the superb photos in this book illustrate that admirably.  There are F units and E units of both C&O and B&O galore, in a variety of paint schemes with trains of exceptional variety and type. The literate captions do more than just identify the scene.  I very much recommend this for modelers (the color!), passenger train buffs (for variety and changes of this era of transition and decline), and those interested in either or both railroads in general.  A very large thank-you to author Bob Withers for this far better than average “color book.” Tom Dixon, Chief Historian



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