A Time Gone By: The Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Maintenance Shops

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A Time Gone By is a 60-page full-color magazine. It provides an intimate look at the C&O shops in Clifton Forge with photos and descriptions as they are today. The shops, the round table, and the 32 acres on which they sit currently belong to the Town of Clifton Forge. As the Town struggles to find a use for the property, and as the bricks on the smokestack continue to fall, the images and stories of the shops are a significant historical touchstone to railroad operations in the Alleghany Highlands of Virginia. The trains passing through Clifton Forge began by hauling iron ore out of the Alleghany Highlands and coal out of West Virginia to support the westward expansion. The economic boom created by railroad operations created the Town of Clifton Forge. As the years passed, the C&O Railway hauled freight during the Great Depression and transported men and materiel to ports on the eastern seaboard through two world wars, the Korean conflict and the war in Vietnam. The book is a perfect gift for rail fans and for the descendants of the many generations of men and women who worked at the yards for over a century.

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