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The American Railway

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The American Railway: Its Construction, Development, Management and Trains
By Curtis Clarke

The American Railway is an exciting look at the railroad industry in the 1880’s and how it developed as the business boomed. Discover detailed texts about how railroads were built, the types of railways, the lives of railway workers and the various ways the railroads affected political and business economics, as well as the safety precautions of people who rode or worked with the railways.  You’ll also find over 200 hand-drawn illustrations—visual representations of great steam engines, graceful bridges, life in a Pullman car, railway accidents, views of track construction, and portraits of railroad pioneers and magnates of the times as well as stories from real rail workers. Learn how far we've come from such humble beginnings and grow to have a new-found appreciation for the railroads that paved our country’s future. Softcover, 6 x 9", 480 pages, 200 hand-drawn illustrations.

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