Nickel Plate Road Diesel Locomotives

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Nickel Plate Road Diesel Locomotives

Originally published in 1997, this 128 page hardbound book is printed on heavy 100-lb. glossy paper and is illustrated with over 175 superb quality not before published pictures (both B&W and color) of NKP diesels. It covers the whole era from the diesel in 1942 until the N&W merger in 1964. Author Kevin J. Holland gives a complete, detailed roster, illustrates all classes and types, shows painting/lettering diagram, and discusses the steam-diesel transition era in literate, cogent manner. 

Holland, who was for several years the Editor of our C&O Historical Magazine, also had an interest in NKP since it was so closely associated with C&O for many years since it was closely associated with the C&O for many years under the Van Sweringen umbella. He put together what is surely the “last word in the history of this line’s dieselization and its engines up to its merge by N&W in 1964.

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