Burlington Route Streamlined Observation Cars

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Burlington Route Streamlined Observation Cars: Burlington Signature Cars
by Jonathan J. Boyle, Sr.

Softbound, 80 pages, 100-lb glossy paper, fully illustrated. Originally published  2005.

Author Boyle concentrated this interesting study on the "signature cars" of Burlington's passenger trains, the observation cars.  He illustrates this treatment with over 130 B&W and color photos, as well as floor plans and diagrams that help explain how the cars were configured and used.

Cemented with enough text to set the stage, the strength of this book is the author's assembly of so many interesting photos, all elucidated with extended captions.

This is a great companion book to our other offering of Geoff Doughty's  Way of the Zephyrs book, or for anyone who likes passenger operations.

The observation car was so important to all the streamliners, but now it is a hardly remembered part of passenger trains. However, this book will help us all remember the great days when one could relax in the rear car of a fast train and watch the railroad and the countryside go by.  -- It takes us to a different time and place!

    - Tom Dixon

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