Southern Railway in Color Vol. 4

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Southern Railway in Color, Volume 4

By Kurt Reisweber

Morning Sun Books publisher

  • Hardnound
  • -126 pages
  • -200+ color photos

Kurt Reisweber is one of the best railroad authors writing today. He is a long-time C&OHS member and contributor and wrote our quarterly history book on Newport News Piers last year.

Kurt has written numerous color books for Morning Sun. This reviewer recommends them all. Unlike many color books of recent years that are little more than a grouping of nice color photos, Kurt’s books provide a real context of background operationally and historically. In his Volume 3 he covered Southern’s lines with he was most familiar, and used much of his own photography.  In this volume he uses photos taken by a couple of dozen other people that cover, in his words “almost everywhere on the Southern not covered in Volume 3.”

Kurt’s organization of the book and use of very detailed color maps is a strong point in understanding the operations he describes. As usual, his extended captions supplement the short introductory text, and bring the whole into a cogent, understandable context, especially for those of us not intimately familiar with the Southern.

Southern was an important railway in creating the “New South,” yet in the era of railfan books and interest it, as with the other Southeastern railroads, has gotten less than its share of interest.  Kurt’s books certainly go a long way to correct this.

I have high praise for this volume and recommend it for those, such as I, who have on a minimal understanding of this great railway. It sheds light in many corners.

Tom Dixon

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