Pere Marquette Passenger Car Pictorial

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Pere Marquette Passenger Car Pictorial

This superb book was first published by the PM RR Historical Society in 2002.  A few have been found and we can now make it available as long as supplies last.

The book is about everything that can be imagined about the Pere Marquette Railway’s passenger cars, right back to its predecessor railroads and up through the lightweights of 1946.

Complete rosters of both wooden and steel era cars are included with exhaustive data including dispositions when known. Dimensions are included.

 Each page has large photos and diagrams of the cars being treated. These will give the reader a very good appreciation for each type of car that PM used and their appearance, in great detail.

The printing is excellent and the reproduction of photos great.

This is an encyclopedic treatment. It is simply a great piece. –

First published at $59.95 – Now available while supplies last for $22.95

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