Book, C&O Rwy Series, 2016, Vol 13-16

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C&O Railway Series, 2016, Vol 13-16

The C&O Historical Society continues our exciting publications project called Chesapeake & Ohio History Series Books.

This series consists of a book issued every quarter. Each book treats an aspect of C&O history, equipment, structures, etc., more extensively than we could provide in our C&O magazine. Topics for these books may be continuations or expansions of magazine articles, or extremely new subjects not covered before.

Each book is developed based on information contained in our archives following these criteria; on whether the subject is thought to have a broad interest among rail fans and historians; if it deserves extensive treatment because of its importance in C&O history; or it is so extensive a subject that no magazine article could do it justice.

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Vol 13: C&O Lexington, VA Branch

Vol 14: C&O Mail by Rail

Vol 15: C&O 2-6-6-2 Steam Locomotives

Vol 16: C&O Coal Tipples

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