C&O Railway Series #32: C&O Local Passenger Trains

  • Model: BK-20-504


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C&O Local Passenger Trains

Celebrating how railroads reached many parts of America that had not been connected to the modern network, the latest in our quarterly series books is CHESAPEAKE & OHIO LOCAL PASSENGER TRAINS by Karen Parker.  In what is our largest "quarterly" book to date, this magnificent piece brings to life the pioneering spirit of local trains that served stations where the "named" trains didn’t stop.
The C&O Railway's local trains in Appalachia and throughout Chessie's Road provided the only outlet to the world for people living on branches in the coal regions.  They also carried much of the mail and express which the through trains didn’t handle because of their expedited schedules.  Readers who order now should not be disappointed by adding this painstakingly-researched and vividly-told book to their shelves.
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