Bandana, Red, Paisley, 22"X22

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Paisley Bandana

Why would a simple bandana make a wonderful gift? There are so many great uses for banandas . . .

Check out the list of uses below. Are you impressed? Could you add a few practical uses for bandana to the list?

Clothing accessory
A wind/dust mask
Soak in water and use as a neckband to keep cool
Whisk away pestering insects
Tuck under back of hat to keep sun off
Pre-filter water
Mark territory in the woods
As a blindfold to sleep 
To tie extra stuff to a backpack
Trail marker
Tie together and twist for a rope
All-terrain sitting cloth
Scarf or neckerchief
Tie together for a belt
A patch
Tuck in chest pocket of tux for a rustic look
Placemat or tablecloth
Open a stuck jar
Cover exposed food
Coffee filter or tea strainer
Salad spinner
Scrub dishes
Moisten and wrap biscuits, pancakes to keep from going stale
Polish fruit
Blow your nose
Muffle a sneeze or cover a cough
Clean eyeglasses
Cover a book
Wrap a gift
Give as a gift
Dog collar
Fill with catnip
Cat cape
Disguise your voice on the phone
Garden hose repair
To handle a hot radiator cap or check the oil
Replacement gas cap
Car window shade
Decorate the Christmas tree
Stuff to make a pillow
Polish the car
Wrap a sprained ankle or wrist
Warning flag
Wrap around snow or ice for an ice pack

Color: Red Size 22"x22"

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