Lapel Pin, Reproduction 1940s Streamlined Hudson

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Reproduction 1940s Streamlined Hudson 

Replica hostess pin

The Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society has again collaborated with digital artist Kenneth Miller of Roanoke, Virginia to rescue a piece of C&O Railway history whose remarkable story can now be shared.

During the C&O's post-war passenger service, as the railroad sought to give their trains the competitive edge that would draw travelers, the C&O hostess program was conceived to bring the hospitality of Chessie's Road to the next level of service.  The hostess uniforms were custom tailored in New York, and their medium blue suits with matching topcoats and berets featured a special C&O insignia.  Used only in C&O history to ensure the hostesses made the absolute best impression, these insignia pins have now been replicated from the only known surviving pin.

An insignia rarely seen up close, the C&O Historical Society is excited to offer this replication of the C&O pins that featured the streamlined L-1 Hudson pulling a post-war passenger train, meant to symbolize the absolute best the Chesapeake & Ohio's passenger service had ever created.

Mr. Miller painstakingly hand drew the logo to recreate the hostess emblem in exacting detail, worthy of the exemplary service those who wore them would provide for Chessie's passengers.  

While originally part of the C&O hostess uniforms, these new pins stand by themselves as a unisex example of mid-century design that can now be worn in any context in tribute to the Chesapeake & Ohio's dreams of a new era of passenger service.

Sold in support of our non-profit organization, we are proud to offer this product inspired by the time period when the C&O's famous passenger trains stood ready to transport the post-war public in a style never seen by travelers.

Soft Enamel / 1.5 inch / PVC


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