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Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society LED Trainman Lantern

Light the road and make easy the way!

Day and night, rain or shine--that’s how the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway worked--all day, every day.  When the sun went down, a railroaders' trusty lantern came out.  Not only did the lantern light the employee’s way around the yard and to his caboose, but a lantern also acted as a signal to the engineer to direct train movements.

In the early days, kerosene lanterns were the rule of the road.  As time passed, the C&O began replacing the trusty kerosene lantern with battery lanterns.  Modern conductors and trainmen trust the Star Headlight & Lantern Company's model 2021 LED Trainman's lantern to get the job done!

This is a highly-functional, American-made piece to add to your collection.  Emblazoned with the C&O Historical Society logo, you can proudly display this lantern in your train room.  When duty calls, this lantern is ready to help you when the power fails, repairing under the layout, or working your local excursion train!

These are real lanterns from the American company Star Headlight & Lantern Co., Inc., in business since 1889, and the same lantern as railroad workers today carry.  They’re tough, display well, and will get the job done when needed.  With LED technology, these lanterns now operate with only three "C" cell batteries (not included), replacing the more expensive and heavier lantern batteries while putting out more light.

Included with each order is a copy of the C&O Lantern Signals.  Be a railroader and display this proudly.  Order today!



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