Digital Download: K-4, J-2 Collections

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We have gathered over 130 superb images into this photo collection, divided between the C&O's K-4 Class 2-8-4 Kanawhas and the J-2 Class 4-8-2 Mountain type. The photos are drawn from the best of the Society's huge collection of images. For the K-4 series, full builder photos (left, right, smokebox, etc. ) are included for each of the four orders, followed by official C&O mechanical diagrams, and many in-service photos for the whole range of locomotives, including both "portrait" type stills and action photos. The J-2 section is the same except no builder photos are included because of the drastic external changes made to these locomotives after their construction. Maps showing areas of operation and historical sketch backgrounds are given.

You may print these photos on your own computer printer in high resolution format in 8x10 size for your personal use.

Delivered as one 256MB zip file containing all images and web pages for viewing in any web browser.

Member discount is included in $9.95 price.

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