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A review by Tom Dixon:

Originally published as a 176-page book in 2005, This was probably Gene Huddleston's magnum opus. . . his greatest work. It tells the story, with interesting, first hand and insightful detail, of the greatest of C&O's steam locomotives, built during the last hurrah of steam -- the Super Power Era - 1930- 1956.

It comes with an additional 100+ photos that could not be used in the original book, as well.

The chapters are:

          - Super Power - The Big Picture

          - C&O and Super Power

          - Designing C&O Super Power

          - C&O Texas Type T-1 2-10-4

          - C&O Greenbrier 4-8-4

          - C&O Hudson 4-6-4s

          - C&O 2-6-6-6 Alleghenies

          - C&O K-4 Kanawha 2-8-4s  

`         - Improving & Repairing C&O Super Power

          - C&O Super Power Suitability


Huddleston was recognized as the C&O's most knowledgeable historian during his lifetime. We are glad that left us such a valuable, well written, and exhaustive treatment of C&O's best steam engines.

He covered all aspects of the company's motive power policy under the Advisory Mechanical Committee, the people involved in the design of the engines, and then how they were managed. The mechanical aspects of each type are explained, followed by often first-hand accounts of how they were used.

One chapter tells how these ultimate reciprocating steam locomotives were maintained in C&O's shops by its force of highly skilled employees.


Gene started photographing C&O steam in 1947 and followed it with intensive interest through the end in 1956. He preserved much of that knowledge in this long out of print book.  Gene helped establish the C&OHS in 1969 and was a frequent article contributor throughout the rest of his life.

If you don't have this and are interested in C&O steam, it is a MUST HAVE item. If you have the hard copy book from years ago, you may still want it on this handy download for your computer.

Get it today as a digital download. I very highly recommend it.

- Tom Dixon, Reviewer




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