CD: C&O L-1 and L-2 4-6-4 Locomotives

  • Model: AV-06-088


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While intended primarily to be a companion to the May, 2006, issue of C&O History Magazine which covered the L-1 streamlined Hudson locomotives on the C&O, this CD also contains two articles that were published in earlier editions of the magazine that discussed the L-2 and L-2a Hudsons. In addition to the original articles from the magazine, and full resolution copies of the photos that appeared in those articles, an assortment of other photos of all three classes is included, as well as an Addendum to the L-1 article, an animation illustrating the operation of the Franklin Type A poppet valves installed on the L-1s, and a recording of L-1 490 passing the station at Norge, Virginia, with Train 48 in the early 1950s.

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