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Powering America's Progress DVD

All about coal mining and transportation by rail and barge in 1951. Great information about the importance of coal in the era. Wonderful period piece as C&O extols the use of coal to the post-war nation!

DVD/Motion Picture Documentary Review - DVD

Powering America's Progress 
by the Bituminous Coal Institute, 1952

You may have overlooked a DVD that we have been selling for
decades titled Powering America's Progress. It was produced for
the Bituminous Coal Institute in 1952 and explains in great detail,
using professionally filmed color footage, how coal is mined
(underground and surface), transported (rail and barge), and used.
Steel and many other factories are shown.

C&O was used for much of the filming, and, in fact, in the
transportation section we see C&O-painted hoppers in the
classification yard at Russell as well as a run-by of an H-8 with a coal

The movie is 25 minutes long and done in the newsreel style of
the day. It shows you inside the mine scenes not often seen and a
wealth of information. Remember, it is an advertisement for
bituminous coal, so it is narrated from that angle.

We have never discussed this film in detail. We inherited from
C&O's public relations department, and have just now found the
accompanying article in TRACKS magazines August, 1952 issue
discussing the making of the film. 

- Tom Dixon, reviewer
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