Track Plans and Scenes: Coal Mines

  • Model: DS-01-204


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The 42 drawings in this booklet are taken from a collection of over 20,000 small sized drawings from the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Chief Engineer s Office. These drawings used the prefix “X” in their numbering to indicate that they were of small (roughly 8-1/2x11) size. Drawings of this size lend themselves to easy reproduction in publications.
We have selected a number of these small drawings which we hope the beginning or experienced modeler can use as inspiration for development of a small-scene module or for use as part of a larger model layout.
Because these drawings were prepared for a single purpose, they almost always concentrate on a relatively small area, thus encapsulating the major elements for the modeler s use in a concentrated space. These “real life” illustrations show the modeler how structures, track, and facilities were arranged on the actual railway and can lead to an exact replication in model, or can serve as an example of how things can be arranged appropriate to prototypical operation.
The drawings are grouped according to subject in this booklet, showing: Coal Company Scenes and Sidings, Miscellaneous Interesting Scenes, and End-of-Line Scenes, so that the modeler can find scenes to suit his/her need.
These drawings are full of detailed data. Do not just look at the data block: the drawing may have been prepared for laying a sewer, but it might show the complete detailed layout of an engine terminal.




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