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149 pages printed on 8 ½ x 14 paper. The following information was assembled for people interested in “modeling the prototype”. The drawings in this packet are from a Book of Standard Plans issued by the C&O Railway s “Advisory Committee on Way and Structures”. The drawings herein are some of the guidelines the railroad used in the construction of the “real” railroad. The 1937 edition of the Railway Engineering and Maintenance Cyclopedia was also referenced as it is an “Authoritative Manual of Engineering, Maintenance and Signaling. Including definitions, descriptions, illustrations and methods of use of the materials, equipment and devices employed in the construction and maintenance of the track, bridges, etc.”
Be sure to read the “Notes” on each drawing. Typically they include valuable information of paint colors to be used when and where, types and sizes of materials, etc. Since some modelers choose specific time periods to model, be sure to notice the dates of each drawing and that some drawings supercede others (included when possible).
TABLE OF CONTENTS includes the following: Ballast & Roadbed; Bridges, Trestles and Tunnels; Cattle Guard, Wire Fencing, and Gates; Timber Cribbing and Culverts; Crossties: stacking, spacing, and anchoring; Derails: installation & location; Highway Crossings; Motor Car Set Offs; Rail & Rail Joint Bars; Station Platforms and Sheds; Turnouts & Switch Stands; Car Stops; Signals and Communications; and Mile Markers and Signs








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