C&O Signal Standards

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The C&O, like most Class 1 railroads, issued standards for almost all of the maintenance work done on cars, locomotives, and roadway. This book is comprised of drawings extracted from the C&O Signal Standards Book. We have selected 55 drawings (from over 200 in the book) that we feel would be most beneficial to the general reader and to the modeler. Drawings I this book show track arrangements, relay boxes, placement of signals, phone boxes, model board specifications, concrete bases for signal bridges, and much more!

Most date from the 1930 s and have been in use right up to recent years. A book containing these standard drawings was issued to each signal maintainer and foreman, and was the basis of their work. Today, in 2001, CSXT is replacing much of the signal system and structures detailed here. Drawings of signal bridges and larger structures are available by contacting the Society directly.






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