1950 Listing of Businesses and Industry Part II

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This is part II of the Official C&O Industrial Directory that was issued January 1, 1950 by the company s Industrial Development Department. Part I lists shippers by geographic location and also tells about the location, such as whether or not a team track is used, which business had a private siding, etc.

This second part lists the commodities shipped and breaks down the shippers by state and location within the state.

Together the two volumes give details on every location on the C&O in 1950 as to freight facilities, what businesses were served and how, and by using this second part a good idea can be had as to the types of commodities being shipped where, which would affect the types of cars being used.

Both of these reprints have great applications for modelers wishing to simulate prototype operations. Printed on both sides of 44 pages of 8.5 x 11 paper.


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