Nickel Plate Road Freight Cars

  • Model: DS-06-296


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Like most railroads, the Nickel Plate Road prepared mechanical diagrams for its various classes of rolling stock and motive power. These dimensioned drawings were issued to mechanical department officials at all levels and at all major stations and terminals where there might be a necessity to know the specifications of equipment for the purpose of repairs or for other reasons. These diagrams were updated as changes in the equipment occurred and new pages issued to book holders, so that each book was kept current. Updates are shown on diagrams. Such books were generally issued for freight and passenger cars and locomotives, and sometimes for cranes and other company service equipment. This is a reduced-size copy of a Freight Car Diagram book containing diagrams and data on the NKP passenger car fleet as of 1962. This book uses diagram sheets prepared to the Advisory Mechanical Committee standards used by the Van Sweringen railroads (NKP, C&O, PM, Erie).

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