Complete Set Pere Marquette Employee Timetables

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C&O PM District Timetable Reprints Set

These are for employees to assists in operating trains. They show times for most schedules of passenger and freight stations, special instructions, clearances, restrictions etc. Originals are collected and highly prized, not to mention priced, when they can be found. We offer a set of timetables from 1950-53. These fit into the period most people are interested in, and are reasonably priced.

C&O/PM District - Saginaw Division No.97 Effective 4/27/1953, 18 pages

C&O/PM District - Grand Rapids Division No.97 Effective 4/27/1953, 24 pages

C&O/PM District - Canadian Division No.24 Effective 4/12/1953, 12 pages

C&O/Northern Region - Combined Grand Rapids, Saginaw and Detroit Terminal Divisions No.103 Effective 1/30/1955, 30 pages

C&O/Northern Region - Combined Grand Rapids, Saginaw, Hocking, Chicago Terminal, Toledo Terminal, and  Detroit Terminal Divisions No.142 Effective 1/30/1955. 50 pages

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