C&O Track Charts - Branch Lines Updated to 1963

  • Model: DS-8-070


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Nothing but branch lines! 198 sheets on 8 1/2x14 paper that detail track arrangements, show the track arrangement in a straight-line format. They also include MANY details such as stations, sidings, grade of the track, location of telegraph offices, interlocking cabins, bridges, road crossings, tool houses, and lots of other structures that make up the railroad's infrastructure. Across the top of the page are even details on the materials used for each track's roadbed (ballast, gravel, cinders, etc.), alignment and grade are also shown. This set shows C&O Main Branch Line trackage as of the early 1960 s. For modelers this is a tremendous resource in helping one develop a prototypical track plan. For "freelance modelers" these charts provide valuable information concerning how things were laid out on a railroad (mine tracks, locomotive facilities, industrial spurs, etc). Researchers are especially interested in these for documentation purposes as looking at these charts over different time periods indicates the changes the railroad made to its track plan.






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