Pere Marquette Power

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This book presents a history of the steam and diesel locomotives operated by the Pere Marquette Railway, from its consolidation in 1900 through its merger with the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway in 1947. The Pere Marquette was one of the principal railways in Michigan, holding an important place in that state's economic development. But it was not a large railroad, and was hardly known beyond the state's borders. The road's contribution to the development of the steam locomotive is practically nonexistent; it was a small rural carrier that bought motive power conforming to the standard practices of the day and operated fewer than 800 steam locomotives throughout its existence. The book is divided into chapters dealing with each of the major wheel arrangements of steam locomotives used on the Pere Marquette. Each chapter provides a brief discussion of the development of the specific wheel arrangement, a historical outline and operational data concerning the engine's use on the PM, and a complete roster including the dates the locomotives entered service, their road numbers, construction numbers and scrapping dates. Twelve chapters cover steam locomotives. One chapter presents Pere Marquette diesel locomotives, including those acquired for the PM (through 1952) by the C&O. Another chapter covers PM engine terminals and facilities. The final chapter discusses modeling and painting Pere Marquette power. An appendix provides a roster of Flint & Pere Marquette Railway steam locomotives. Over 215 black & white photographs illustrate the information. (Softcover)
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