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Limited Edition Travel Poster Richmond Virginia

2010's commemorative poster from an original painting by Vermont Artist Charlie Hunter celebrates and captures the majesty and mystique of the C&O's original hometown, Richmond Virginia.

This is the fourth poster in our series which featured in 2007 Clifton Forge, 2008 Hinton, and 2009 Huntington. These posters are modern paintings which seek to capture the romantic style and feel of the golden age of railroad passenger travel and posters, and commemorate key locations along the C&O.

2010's design features the great monuments to the C&O in Richmond: The magnificent Main Stree Station, the engineering marvel of the elevated rail aqueduct, and the C&O's beautiful home-built streamliner, the L-1 Hudson, heading east with a section of the George or the FFV . . . All framed by glorious sky and clouds in the background. (These clouds were inspired by real-life thunderclouds encountered as we were out scouting locations for the poster.)

These posters are shipped to you directly from the artist. 

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