West Virginia Railroads Volume 5: Geared Loggers

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West Virginia Railroad Vol. 5: Geared Loggers

This is the fifth volume in the West Virginia Railroads series and treats the geared steam locomotives used by logging railroads in the state.  It deals with the three types used: Shays, Climaxes, and Heislers.  There is a chapter about each of these types, what they were, how they operated, and their advantages-disadvantages.  This is followed by a chapter on logging in West Virginia in general including the mills, and how the transportation of logs from the woods to the mill was done over time. The final three chapters deal with the individual geared types, with a chapters each for Shays, Climaxes, and Heislers.   Since Shays were the dominant type, they get the most treatment, followed by Climaxes, while the chapter on Heislers is small, there having been only 13 ever used in West Virginia These chapters are mainly photos with extended captions. This book contains much new material and will be useful to those interested in logging operations as well as railroad history of the state.

Hardbound - 112 pages - 100-pound glossy paper - 150+ Illustrations


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