Book, C&O Rwy Series, 2013, Vol 1-4

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The C&O Historical Society has undertaken an exciting publications project called Chesapeake & Ohio History Series Books. 
This series will consist of a book issued every quarter. Each book will treat an aspect of C&O history, equipment, structures, etc., more extensively than we could provide in our C&O magazine. Topics for these books may be continuations or expansions of magazine articles, or entirely new subjects not covered before.

This expanded format will allow us to publish many more drawings, maps, and photos, and sometimes to make them larger than would be possible in any article treatment. 

Each book will be developed based on information contained in our archives based on these criteria; on whether the subject is thought to have a broad interest among rail fans and historians; if it deserves extensive treatment because of its importance in C&O history; or it is so extensive a subject that no magazine article could do it justice.  It should be emphasized that this will not detract from the magazine content, which will continue to contain high-quality articles, as always.

Vol 1:  C&O K-4 Class 2-8-4 Steam Locomotives, BK-13-729

Vol 2:  C&O Coal River District, BK-13-730

Vol 3:  C&O GP7/GP9 Diesel Locomotives, BK-13-731

Vol 4:  C&O Coaling Stations, BK-13-732

All four of these books are available now for $70 postage paid!  To see the books for 2014, go to BK-14-779.





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