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DVD:Chessie and Seaboard Hall of Fame

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Chessie & Seaboard Hall of Fame

See the B&O, C&O and Western Maryland in both freight and passenger trains in a time-period that had far more variety in road names, equipment and methods of operation. Don't miss those beautiful B&O passenger trains that proudly carried the nation's capitol dome on their nose.
 See a colorful mix of first and second generation diesels through many of their paint scheme phases.
 This two hour feature explains how the C&O and the B&O were first merged together -- and how the Western Maryland came into the picture to form the Chessie System.
If you miss those colorful Chessie System diesels, this feature has near-new looking examples of them in this presentation.
 The Seaboard Coast Line merger of the combined Atlantic Coast Line and the Seaboard Air Line began in the 1960s.

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