CD: Valuation Maps, Kanawha Subdivision

  • Model: AV-13-148


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The third in our series of CDs with C&O Valuation Maps is ready.  This CD covers 79 maps on the Kanawha Subdivision from Handley to Russell.  Not only do you get all the original maps, but the CD also contains many maps that were redrawn. When a map was redrawn, the original showing all the revisions and changes was filed, and these are included.  Some of these allow you to construct a detailed chronology/history of what happened at a particular spot such as Huntington where many changes were made over time and the maps redrawn more than once.
For background on these maps, look at the article in the Jan/Feb. 2013 issue of the C&O History magazine.  These are a superb historical resources good for railfans, modelers, and historians alike.

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