Book, C&O Rwy Series #5, C&O Heavy Pacific Locomotives

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By Karen Parker, Softcover

This book is a comprehensive history of the Chesapeake & Ohio’s F-17, F-18, and F-19 Classes of Heavy Pacific type locomotives. In the Age of Steam these locomotives were the railroad’s premier passenger locomotives, handling all the name trains on the lower grade portions of the C&O’s main line. The entire story is included, from the construction of the F-17s in 1914 through the retirement of the last Heavy Pacific in 1953. 80 pages, 100 photos, 13 diagrams, and 8 pages of detailed drawings.

Don't forget to download the supplemental drawings for this book from BK-14-823_drawings.

This is the 5th book in the C&O Railway Series.  To subscribe and get all 4 for 2014, go to BK-14-779.  At $70.00 for the year you will save about 40% on the books.  If ordered separately they are $24.95 + shipping each (minus member discount).

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